Thanks and Giving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! 

Today we take time to reflect inwardly on all we have and ask: "What am I thankful for?" It's a very beneficial annual exercise in gratitude for the health, wealth and happiness that we sometimes overlook. 

At the same time, we should remember to reflect outwardly to those in need around us and ask: "How can I give?" Besides charitable donations and volunteering time, consider some non-traditional ways to give to others: listen, be appreciative, call just to say "Hello", send a personal note, be curious, hold open a door, be a friend, practice random acts of kindness.

Let's make sure to put the Giving as well as the Thanks into Thanksgiving. Carry that spirit with you throughout the year, experience gratitude and practice giving every day, not just the 4th Thursday in November.

What are you thankful for?  How are you giving back?