We rescue Accidental Leaders and Dysfunctional Teams

Who are Accidental Leaders?

They are people who unexpectedly found themselves in a leadership position, or who wanted to be a leader but weren't prepared for the challenges.

What's a Dysfunctional Team? 

Individuals working together that have the potential to achieve greater success and productivity but something is holding them back. 

Using a simple 5 step process we help them bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be:

Assess > Align > Plan > Perform > Sustain

1) Assess
- fully understand the gaps in performance that prevent the leader from achieving the success they, and their organization, want and need.

2) Align
- ensure that the leader, team and key stakeholders in their organization (bosses, staff, HR, etc.) are aligned on the goals and expected outcomes of the process.

3) Plan
- create a targeted action plan of the key behaviors and actions that will create success. 

4) Perform
- deliver on the plan, integrate new behaviors into daily routine

5) Sustain
– maintain effort and focus over time, ensuring they don't lose their way on the path to the goal.

Whether the need is leadership skills, relationship skills, organizational fit, or all three, we give clients the tools they need for success and together we create a plan for them to actually achieve it.