#02: Amanda Michelle (Mish) Echevarria - Discovering Yourself through the Power of Inner Conversation

#02: Amanda Michelle (Mish) Echevarria - Discovering Yourself through the Power of Inner Conversation

In this episode:

What happens when success isn't enough, when you want to stop climbing the corporate ladder? What are the consequences of not listening to that inner voice? In Amanda Michelle Eschevarria's case, it took a diagnosis of cancer to begin an inner conversation and start asking herself some deeper questions. In this episode of Insight at Work, "Mish" (as she is known to friends and clients alike) takes us on her journey of self-discovery and shares some of the key questions she used to discover her aspirations, reprioritize her life and career, and find a new definition of happiness.

About our Guest:

Amanda Michelle Echevarria, known to clients and friends as “Mish”, is a Fulbright Alumna, specialized business consultant, coach, and mentor who assists Fortune 500 companies in the Latin American region in achieving their business goals and improving their corporate culture and stewardship.

Before launching her coaching firm, Mish worked for over 15 years in the corporate world as Regional Senior Human Resources Manager and Organizational Development Culture Leader. She had a successful career in helping high profile managers, and members of the C-Suite in turning toxic environments into high-performance organizations.  She now advises and coaches senior leaders on how to maintain a culture that nurtures well-being while delivering high-value results.

Mish has established two coaching scholarships: 

  • the WBECS Executive Coaching Scholarship for newly appointed executives who otherwise could not afford a full coaching engagement to improve their careers. 

  • the Judith E. Glaser Wellbeing Coaching Scholarship for people who have been diagnosed with chronic diseases and who could benefit from a life & well-being coaching engagement.

To connect with Mish on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/amechevarria

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