360 Degree Feedback

360 degree feedback, or simply 360, is a fairly common process but if you're unfamiliar with it, check out the 360 basics overview of the process on our blog. InKlaritas offers a range of 360 degree feedback survey administration and coaching services tailored to meet your specific needs:

Looking to raise your game and take your performance to the next level? InKlaritas' 360 degree feedback process can be a valuable part of your development strategy. By collecting feedback from those around you, you'll gain insights into your strengths and challenges – both the ones known to you and the ones potentially unknown to you as well. We'll walk you through the process of setting up and launching a 360 Degree Feedback survey for yourself. To get started, simply contact us.
HR/OD/L&D Professionals
Whether you're a Human Resources manager, Learning & Development professional, or Organizational Development consultant, if you have responsibility for developing the people in your organization you'll need 360 degree feedback in your toolkit.  

Potential uses for 360 degree feedback include:  high potential or "rising leaders"; internal leadership development programs; individuals who have hit a "plateau" and need a boost to the next level; and individuals who need feedback to address "performance gaps". Consider combining with a more tailored and targeting executive coaching engagement to maximize results.

If your organization doesn't already have an established 360 degree feedback capability, InKlaritas can provide you with a customizable, turn-key solution for any size project from a single individual to large group rollouts. Contact us for pricing and setup information.

Coaches and independent consultants interested in offering 360 degree feedback to their clients  can take advantage of InKlaritas' online Survey Administration Service - we run the survey for you and leave you to do what you're best at, coaching your clients to higher levels of performance.  We make the entire process as no-hassle as possible.  You can utilize our standard set of survey items or provide your own customized survey. Once we've settled on the composition of the survey, and identified the launch and close dates, we just need the names and email addresses of the participants to get started. We'll send you an easy-to-use template to capture all the necessary information. Just contact us to get the process rolling.