#04: Terry Christensen - "Creating Chains of Wisdom" - the Role of Mentoring

#04: Terry Christensen - "Creating Chains of Wisdom" - the Role of Mentoring

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Let’s say you have some questions on mentoring: What if you could ask a football player, a wrestler, a coach, a ship captain, a teacher, a physics historian, a published author, a person who lost most of their eyesight, a cancer survivor, and a director on several nonprofit boards, for their perspectives. You’d have a rich and diverse collection of opinions and advice, but getting a hold of all those people might be a bit difficult. 

We are lucky that today's guest, Dr. Terry M. Christensen, is all of those things. There are few people who have had careers with the wide ranging and multidisciplinary experiences that Terry has had. From his life-long love of football and wrestling both as a player and a coach, his time as a merchant marine captain, the loss of eyesight that reignited his academic career, his non-profit board service and his battle with cancer. Terry has done it all. And it’s given him some unique perspectives on the topic of mentoring and the value of passing wisdom along to the next generation.

About our Guest:

From an early background in commercial fishing, Terry transitioned to the ocean-towing industry. In 1981, he earned a Merchant Marine Deck Officers License and continued his professional advancement with the vast majority of his merchant sea service being spent in Alaskan waters.  

From 1985-1988, Terry served as Chief Instructor of the U.S. Department of Labor Seamanship training program at Tongue Point Job Corps Center in Astoria, Oregon. He also served as Master of the Training Vessels INLAND CHIEFand BIG ED. In 1988, he returned to sea as a deck officer in the ocean towing and salvage trade.

In 1990, Terry joined the Maritime Science Department at Clatsop Community College and became one of a select group of maritime instructors across the nation, who were authorized by the U.S. Coast Guard to prepare and administer professional examinations for Merchant Marine personnel.  

In 1994, Terry developed a degenerative disease of the optic nerve. The consequent loss of functional vision precipitated a change in career and he began the process of establishing the academic credentials that would allow him to return to teaching. 

He earned MS and PhD degrees in the History of Science from Oregon State University and has published several academic papers.

Terry continues to volunteer as a coach in the wrestling and football programs at The George School in Newtown, PA.

He also has served on the boards of several non-profit organizations including: The Peace Center, the Alumni Association of Guide Dogs for the Blind, Yardley Friends Meeting, and Friends Home and Village.

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