#06: Linda Sepe - Insights on Insight

#06: Linda Sepe - Insights on Insight

In this Episode:

So you might ask: “Where does a coach go when they need coaching?” The answer is to go to another coach: one they trust, one who has wisdom, and one who can help them see things from different perspectives. But most importantly, one who can foster the insights that can help solve the dilemmas they’re confronting.

In my case, that person is Linda Sepe. She’s has been a dependable and wise source of counsel and clarity for nearly 30 years.  She’s helped me navigate my way through some tough and challenging times, keeping me both focused and grounded. She does so with a strength and purpose that is always bounded by both hope and humor.

Today Linda and I explore the nature of insight, how to get it, how to validate it, and what to do with it once you’ve got it.

About our Guest:

Linda Sepe was born and raised in northern New York State and is a graduate of Syracuse University.  

Most of her early work life focused on teaching and learning.  She was especially interested in the measurement of learning. She is the co-creator of the New York State Adult External High School Diploma program - an applied performance test mechanism which certifies learning and awards adults with a high school diploma when they demonstrate required skills.  

Innovation has been a constant focus throughout her career.  In 1995, she completed the Coaches Training Institute's coaching course, concentrating her work on the innovative energies of entrepreneurs, creatives and individuals with ADHD.  

Show Notes:

You can reach Linda at lsepecoach@aol.com, please put “Insight” in the subject line.

Insight at work Podcast theme Music:

Our theme music is composed by Chris Lucca, Jr.. You can listen to more of Chris’ work on SoundCloud: SoundCloud.com/fliplucca and find him on Twitter: @FlipLucca.

About the Host:

Ken Blackwell is a speaker, trainer, facilitator and executive coach. His signature practice is "rescuing Accidental Leaders and Dysfunctional Teams". His firm InKlaritas, based in Princeton, NJ, works with teams and leaders in companies in the U.S. around the world. You can find out more about InKlaritas at: www.InKlaritas.com and connect with Ken on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kennethjblackwell/.

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