Coaching Overview

The first step in the coaching process is understanding the opportunity for growth.  By diagnosing the situation and building a shared context, the coach helps the client define and refine the goal or goals of the process.

Tools for this assessment phase may include: a 360 degree feedback survey, a behavior or thinking styles instrument (like DISC or HBDI), interviews with key stakeholders and if necessary, other organizational contacts.

Once the goal(s) and direction for the process have been set, the second step is to create a targeted action plan, including milestones to gauge progress, accountability components and success indicators. 

Coach and client typically meet weekly for ongoing support and to review progress. These regular check-ins also provide an opportunity for reevaluation and refinement of the goals and action plan to ensure it remains relevant and targeted. 

To begin the coaching process for yourself or someone in your organization, simply contact us.