InKlaritas' book and resource recommendations:


Leaders are either Multipliers or Diminishers - they either bring out the best in their people, or tear them down. Which are you?

Modern science has debunked some long held beliefs, and confirmed others, on what truly motivates us. Daniel Pink makes the research accessible and applicable.

Fantastic guide for onboarding new leaders, "The First 90 Days" provides a blueprint for success while identifying the pitfalls that can detrail a new leader almost from the beginning.

Frances Hesselbein's leadership transformed the Girl Scouts USA from failing to thriving. Her insights are valued in private and public organizations around the world, including the US Military Academy at West Point.


The Classic. Fantastic for anyone who's advanced in their career but haven't experienced the success they expected.

Simple 3-part model to understanding change at an individual, organizational and even societal level.

Habits are powerful forces that can either propel change or, perhaps more often, keep us locked in old patterns. Understanding how habits form is the first step in our ability to create new ones.

Decision Making and Thinking

Unconscious biases in our thinking can cause poor decision making. System 1 and System 2 both have their place, the trick is knowing when to use each.

A simple framework to understand how we make decisions - and what can get in the way.

Teamwork and Team Relationships 

The classic on teamwork and the foundation for The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team process.