Team Relationships that get Results

Wouldn’t it be nice if your colleagues had their needs written all over them?


To understand exactly what they need to have the most effective interaction?  To know that your manager focuses immediately on end results, that a new co-worker values team collaboration, or even that your colleague simply hasn’t had their morning coffee yet?  

Would it make your job easier?

Would it change the way you work with them?

What if there were a simple methodology that allowed you to do just that?  

Good news, there is!  Team Relationships that get Results utilizes the Everything DiSC model to present an easy to understand and quick to apply methodology for improving interactions between team members. The process begins with you and your fellow participants completing an online Everything DiSC profile that gives each of you an in-depth understanding of your needs as driven by your style preferences and priorities.  

Once you understand your own needs and why you do what you do, you can more easily understand the needs of others and the “why” behind their actions. Interpersonal and team dynamics become clear in new ways as you instantly see the similarities and gaps in approach between you and your colleagues. The team can also look at itself as a whole to gain a deeper understanding of their team culture and environment as well as how they interact with other teams and departments within the organization. 

If your team could benefit from more powerful and effective relationships,
contact us to learn more and get the process started.