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bullet list of services: new leader (hired), new leader (position), HiPo leader, existing leader (executive, senior leader?), career transition.

InKlaritas, based in Princeton, NJ, coaches leaders and executives in the US, Canada and around the world.

Every top athlete knows the value of a good coach in helping them reach peak performance. It's no different in business - successful managers and leaders at all levels understand the benefit the perspective an executive coach brings in helping them scaling difficult challenges or in simply elevating their game.

If you're an emerging leader or HIPO (high-potential employee), coaching will help you gain the executive presence you need to be the candidate of choice for the next step in your career path. Begin the journey today.

Everyone has experienced getting stuck, hitting a plateau, or just feeling like something's not quite in sync. Sometimes, the issue is severe enough it might even derail your career. If you could have fixed it yourself, you would have. Coaching provides an outside perspective so you can diagnose the situation and the resources to create an action plan to get yourself back on track

Successful people know that as their performance improves, the changes that make a difference become more refined and subtle. Are you at the top of your game but want to develop that competitive edge to improve your results? Discover the keys to your continued success.