#07: Ted Taylor - Navigating Times of Crisis: Lessons from a Hospital Chaplain

It can be hard to make tough decisions even in the best of circumstances. It’s even more challenging in times of crisis when you or a loved one are suffering with a chronic or potentially life-threatening illness or injury.  It can be overwhelming and it’s easy to feel lost. It's the job of hospital chaplains to support patients and family members in navigating these trying times and helping them make what can be some of the most difficult decisions they will ever face.

#06: Linda Sepe - Insights on Insight

So you might ask: “Where does a coach go when they need coaching?” The answer is to go to another coach: one they trust, one who has wisdom, and one who can help them see things from different perspectives. But most importantly, one who can foster the insights that can help solve the dilemmas they’re confronting.

In my case, that person is Linda Sepe. She’s has been a dependable and wise source of counsel and clarity for nearly 30 years.  She’s helped me navigate my way through some tough and challenging times, keeping me both focused and grounded. She does so with a strength and purpose that is always bounded by both hope and humor.

Today Linda and I explore the nature of insight, how to get it, how to validate it, and what to do with it once you’ve got it.

#05: Rich McLaughlin - Rules of Engagement

Employee engagement is always a challenge. 

The most recent Gallup survey shows 34% of US workers are engaged, tying the highest results in the survey’s history. While “actively disengaged” is down to 13%, a new low, it still means 66% of US workers are not engaged. We know engagement is highly correlated with positive business outcomes so even though the numbers are up, there’s still a lot of work to be done.

To explore the topic of engagement, I invited a professional colleague of mine, Rich McLaughlin, to join us on the podcast.

#04: Terry Christensen - "Creating Chains of Wisdom" - the Role of Mentoring

Let’s say you have some questions on mentoring: What if you could ask a football player, a wrestler, a coach, a ship captain, a teacher, a physics historian, a published author, a person who lost most of their eyesight, a cancer survivor, and a director on several nonprofit boards, for their perspectives. You’d have a rich and diverse collection of opinions and advice, but getting a hold of all those people might be a bit difficult.

#02: Amanda Michelle (Mish) Echevarria - Discovering Yourself through the Power of Inner Conversation

What happens when success isn't enough, when you want to stop climbing the corporate ladder? What are the consequences of not listening to that inner voice? In Amanda Michelle Eschevarria's case, it took a diagnosis of cancer to begin asking herself some deeper questions. In this episode of Insight at Work, "Mish" (as she is known to friends and clients alike) takes us on her journey of self-discovery and shares some of the key questions she used to discover her aspirations, reprioritize her life and career, and find a new definition of happiness.